Need Some Advice

If this is the wrong place to post this I am sorry, I know most of you hear this question a lot but I am stuck in a bit of a bind, Do I use something like the website Learncpp and learn c++ as a whole, or use the assets and tutorials here and on YouTube and start learning Gameplay Programming, I see advantages to both sides, One takes longer but I learn c++ as a whole with as much knowledge and information available on learncpp. The other is slightly limited and harder and only designed around game programming but I get stuck into the unreal editor and learn that way. I am swaying to more to the learncpp so I have more of a concept of c++ when it comes to learning how to code and design games. I really want to do this, I am sick and have a lot of time on my hands, also because I got sick at a young age I missed a lot of school and never got the chance to follow the traditional path of doing what I want do which is make games. I guess that is why I am so driven now to do this and to learn no matter how difficult it gets.