Need some advice on my inventory system design - Static Mesh vs Skeletal Mash for Items

Hello I have my inventory system created but was wondering the best way to setup inventory items that are to be able to be dropped and picked up in an open world. I started out just using a static mesh but then I ended up adding a skeletal mesh component to my main BP_ItemMaster so My character could hold the actual weapon BP’s. This is where my question comes in. What’s the best way? I would like to only have a skeletal mesh component in my BP_ItemMaster but when I remove the static mesh component Smooth Sync no longer works lol. So my only work around is to have this static mesh and to turn visibility off on skeletal mesh. How do the big boys set this up? It sucks getting really far on a project and then having to redesign it lol but it’s worth it if it’s done right.

I plan on having attachments on my weapons so what will be the best path moving forward? Just use skeletal mesh or both? or does it really matter?


Prop items should be low poly and low data. Equipped items should be skeletal mesh, high data.

Working weapon … Skeletal mesh, config specs (prop class reference, RoF, recoil, sway, animation, sound, fx, fire logic etc)
Prop weapon … static mesh, simple config (working weapon class reference etc)

Pick up prop, destroy it, spawn working weapon, attach etc.
Drop working weapon, destroy it, spawn prop.

Is there a problem just using the working weapon as the prop too? so you just make one that does both? Thanks

Depends on the number of them in the level and how much data each holds. Each item spawned in the game the server holds in memory. Lower data assets use less memory.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to know