Need some advice for how to set up a payload like the one in Overwatch/TF2.

To be clear this is a mod I am working on in blueprints for Unreal Tournament 4. The mode is payload similar to Overwatch/TF2. The reason I am posting here is that its a technical question about blueprints more than it is about UT4 functionality.

I have decided to set the payload up to dynamically adjust to the floor as it moves along it. I currently am drawing 3 sphere traces to the ground and averaging them to determine the height of the payload off of the ground.



First trace is at the front of the payload, second trace is the center of the payload and the third is the back of the payload.

So my question is, how can I make the payload rotate so that it aligns with the floor its moving over? I have the height working very well but it currently does not change pitch at all when its moving up or down a hill.
I have tried a few different things so far and have gotten a lot of really strange results. I cant quite seem to wrap my head around this one. All I need is for the payload to angle itself properly when moving up or down a slope based on the 3 sphere traces to determine the height of the floor below the payload.

My idea for this is:
Make trace at bottom of vehicle and in front to forward, set trace lenght lets say 1 m and if it hits static or landscape then increase pitch… lets do it at begin play witch timeline 10 ticks per second… this wont work when vehicle gonna move down but as i see you are experienced and you will do it somehow :slight_smile:

I ended up getting it to work today only a few hours after I posted here. The problem was actually fairly simple. This sucks because I was stumped on this problem for a few days before this but only managed to figure it out after asking for help. :confused: