Need some advice about makin planet game

I just start to learn ue4 but I dont have a guide or advice to make a planet game like star citizen
the last update show how they travel from space and landing into the ground

and I was found this video:
that show how it’s workin in ue4 (but no tutorial)

I want to create planet look like dat (what software or how to make in material ?)
I only know how to make dynamic gravity but I dont know how to transition between planet and space and
how to make a atmosphere (like when go out of planet)

Please I need some advice where to learn how to make this what doc do I have to learn or some guide to make this

Thanks you

ps. sorry for my bad English

First off–you’re not going to be able to make a game like Star Citizen, they have $100+ million in funding and have spent years working on it so far

In that UE4 example, it looks like they’re doing a scaling transition, you can see a huge shadow of the TIE fighter on the landscape as it goes in (with tiny low-resolution shadows of the star destroyers) and then it scales everything up while adjusting the perspective to try and account for it.

Thanks for the answer I know it’s impossible but we have a choice to fake it or choose another way to make it am I right ?
so by the way I just need some advice to learn the way to do it [of course I have a lot of time to do and learn] just in easy way or something to do it

did u have a way to learn or do this ? [just not only scaling transition] please guide me to the light :smiley:
Thanks you

You aren’t equipped to be able to undertake a challenge like that, work on something easier for you

ok I give up if u think it’s really impossible to make it

btw thanks for the answer ;_;

Nice suggestion guys from your side. I like this so much and love to keep in my mind while playing this game.

I can tell you that starting with a big project like that when you are in the learning phase is going to be a path full of frustrations and challenges and probably won’t make the progress you expect in a short time. That’s why most of the people here encourage to start with easy projects and keep elevating the skills needed for more complex games.

But I am not here to stop you…if you trully believe you can achieve what you want despite the recommendations given, then go for it!

My advise is to learn up on this software, Unreal Engine 4.
Go through the reading materials and once you have the basics, look up tutorials on how to do the thing you want.
Once you know some of the basics, look for any packages, free or paid, that can speed up the process. Some are in the marketplace, but there is free code around the net.

This is my WIP game all done by me:

To summarize, making a Star Citizen game by yourself or a small team is possible, but it will take time and effort.

Good luck

Pick one thing to learn, such as

  • How to make a realistic looking planet
  • How to make a flying vehicle
  • Procedurally generated terrain

Each on their own is entirely doable by yourself without any experience.

Love you all !

@ZacD yes ! u guide me to the right thing this very useful for me thanks a lot ! love ya

@KinDaKreator like I told I just lost because I dont know where to start if someone advice me or guide me I think it will be good more than random learning by myself that’s why I just ask in here btw thanks for the answer

@SerphMx I know how hard is it but most people think I cant do this but why not ? I have a lot of time I can learn or do some easy project while Im creating this big one so I just want some advice just guide me something that’s all love ya answer I’ll go for it thanks you

Go for it, learn a lot about 3D programming & 3D art and then finally give up the idea you could create anything like Star Citizen. I don´t want to get you down, I´m just beeing realistic. The reason why it is **impossible **for an individual person is very simple : time and the amount of work. You could be very talented in concept art, script writing, animation, lighting, programming, AI, texturing, level design, etc. and still not be able to get anything like Star Citizen finished. I don´t have the exact number, but I read somewhere that over 350 people have been working on Star Citizen for over 4 years now. Simple math = impossible task for an individual.

But it is a good idea to look at certain aspects of Star Citizen and learn how they did things. For example I learned about how to use tiling materials with mesh decals to save texture memory. Next thing would be to animate parts of my spaceship, tweak lighting, get characters working, model and texture all assets, add gameplay and UI, …

As ZacD said, pick one thing at a time…

Great post.:slight_smile: