Need Serious Programmers! Multiplayer Shooter Trainer - AimDroid

Hello, we’re looking for programmers to help create the game framework, add multiplayer integration, and implement assets for our game.

Project Title:
AimDroid •

First and third-person aim trainer built for multiplayer. Allows players to sharpen their senses and practice their shooting. Contains eventful multiplayer games for the perfect warm-up session.

[li]Training exercises based around moving targets and models[/li][li]Extensive statistic tracking with improvement suggestions and leaderboards[/li][li]Medium sized multiplayer servers (~20 players)[/li][li]Optimized performance for the most FPS[/li][/ul] As similar games exist, we’re providing a game to easily hop on to warm up for the day with your friends. Focused around Fortnite mechanics (character movement and third-person mechanics) to start, with the possibility to expand later. The main difference is the fun party modes in multiplayer (think Pummel Party, Mario Party, etc).

All of the drills are fairly simple. They just involve a target that moves differently based on the mode selected. Such as: reflex, tracking, peeking, accuracy, speed, etc. The idea is that once the framework is completed, we would be able to add more drills and multiplayer modes later on. The main bulk of assets will be satisfied through marketplace assets.

Specific Features:
[li]Reflex Drills - Targets randomly appear in front of the player, scoring is based on how fast (and accurate) the player can shoot the targets.[/li][li]Tracking Drills - Targets will move in a predictable pattern, or optionally they will move unpredictably.[/li][li]Bullet Drop Tracking - Far targets will move in a predictable pattern, the player will only have a rifle.[/li][li]Throwable Drills - Bounce or ricochet grenades to hit targets behind cover.[/li][li]CQC Combat Drills - Targets will move towards the player at variable speeds, ends when a target reaches the player.[/li][li]Peeking Drills - Players will have to peek corners to deal damage to hostile targets.[/li][li]Combo Drills / DPS Drills - Players will have to use their available weapons in combination to deal the most DPS possible.[/li][/ul] Targets consist of 2D and 3D objects have different movement, paths, dodging, speed, size, and bounce rate. These are based on the drill.

Technical Details:
[li]The game will utilize Steam game servers for multiplayer[/li][LIST]
[li]Requires a simple in-game server browser[/li][/ul]
[li]Database implementation needed for statistics and leaderboard (looking into Steam’s services)[/li][li]Highly customizable settings spanning from FOV (horizontal, vertical, 4:3), resolution, sensitivity (X+Y) with converter, and custom crosshairs[/li][/LIST]
Current Progress:
[li]A basic TPS + FPS hybrid gun system has been implemented, with bloom, recoil, full-auto, hitscan, and physical bullet support.[/li][li]Level & Model assets have been purchased[/li][/ul]
Team Structure**:**

**Creative Lead: **Ryan “Chap” Chaplo
Professional Fortnite player with a wide range of game experience. Twitch / Twitter

**Project Manager: **Adam “Putty” Hoffmeister
Author of this post, I’ll be organizing tasks and ensuring the project’s completion and release.

This is our first UE4 project, however, our team has worked together on other projects. &

Talent Required:

Project Generalist
Task: Implement marketplace assets (UI, characters, props, sounds) and other member’s work
[li]At least 4 years of experience with developing software or games[/li][li]2+ Years of experience with UE4[/li][li]Comfortable working with marketplace assets[/li][li]Implement assets and other member’s work[/li][/ul]C++ / Blueprint Programmer
Task: Game framework for training exercises and multiplayer game modes
[li]At least 4 years of experience with developing software or games[/li][li]2+ Years of experience with UE4[/li][li]2+ Years of experience with C++[/li][li]Experience with database solutions[/li][/ul]Multiplayer Specialist
Task: Multiplayer backend and Steam implementation
[li]Experience with Multiplayer + Replication[/li][li]Experience with backend networking[/li][li]Experience with Steam services and implementation[/li][/ul]Level Designer
Task: Utilize premade assets from “Synty Studios” to make maps
[li]Experience with level design for shooters[/li][li]Assemble multiple training levels (Shooting ranges)[/li][li]Assemble a few multiplayer maps (FFA/TDM)[/li][/ul]

Please include a resume/CV along with any relevant projects.
Compensation will be around $15-25 per hour depending on experience and task completion speed. Payment will be done per task ideally - estimated per hour.
All work will be done under a 1099 contract with a NDA clause.

Are you looking for a Sound Designer?

We are not, thanks for the interest though.