Need Programmers/3DS Max experts

Project Title:
Blood and Iron

Blood and Iron is a multiplayer only world war 2 “themed” fps that recreates the theme of the world war 2 environment with custom made maps. Since there is no campaign, production is drastically cut down and the game becomes much easier to make.

Includes: (features are planned, more people needed to make this game and features a reality!)
Fully accessible vehicles including planes, tanks, and cars that creates an environment matched by no other fps.
Many new movement options including sideways, forwards diving while shooting, sliding (not new but included), and along with those diving movements comes purposefully dodging backwards to dodge bullets
A huge list of customization including all vehicle upgrades, character customization, and gun customization

Team Name:
Gravitek Game Studios

Team Structure:
What this post is here for!

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer
3D Character Artist
3D Artist
Map Designer (Not totally necessary as I have quite a bit of knowledge in this field)
3D Modelling artist in 3D Studio Max (I have some knowledge here as does my Co Creator)
Graphical Interface Creator

You will need to be able to do any 1 or more of these skills quickly and, for the modelling and graphical skills, with very high levels of detail.


My skill sets:
I myself have made many different textures including grasses, granite, woods etc…
I am also able to create working maps in unreal engine and design weapon models in 3D Studio Max.

For some reason the images have failed to insert so if you wish to see my work and are interested in working on this project email me with the email above and we can get started right away.

im interested too. message me. im a beginer but know 3dsmax and some texturing