Need programmer for an adult side-scroller

Hey guys. Right now the art progress for our game is really fast, but the programming part is not. So we are looking for a programmer to make the main functions of our adult side-scroller. I will not post any links or the game title since this forum is not for adult content.

Programming skills needed: C++. Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint would be great as well!

Payment: Will be unpaid at first. Payment possible when we earn enough money with the Patreon campaign.

Contact: If you are interested in helping us, just write me a PM on this forum or answer with a post below.

Why makes an AO degree game? I don’t think they sell well except for Larry’s Suite or whatever it was called and I think that dropped to an M rating.

We don’t make games to earn money. We want to make a game that is fun to play for us and everyone else. We also love to create such games. This is our passion. Besides, I think that there are not a lot of adult games out there that are good.