Need Programmer/Blueprint Expert to Assist In Assembling Demo for New Co-op Multiplayer Game

Project Title:
Entity: AE

Entity is envisioned as a single and multiplayer cooperative third person experience, with some special genre-blending and an excellent story, spanning what we hope will be three games or more. But before we get ahead of ourselves, a demo that competently demonstrates the gameplay concepts we cooked up is required. We have a few different avenues we’d like to pursue for funding, including UDG, Kickstarter, and an insider publishing lead from one of our team members. Looking for someone who is interested in working with us to assemble this initial demo for the purposes of seeking said funding, and if the working relationship is a good fit, someone to join the team going forward. Happy to discuss future profit-sharing and potential employment for when the team is formally funded.

Team Name:
Lockeblade Interactive

Team Structure**:**
Tim Markwalter
Creative Director, Project Managment, Game Design

Ryan Collins
Lead Writer, Project Management

Rich Frankel
Project Management, Game Design, Composer

Richard Schmid
Cinematics Lead, Composer, Sound Design

Cat Cooke
2D/Concept Artist

Sarah Sanchez
UI/Concept Artist

Jenn Lane
2D/Concept Artist

We have also partnered with a 3D artist who did some paid spec work for our current 3D models.

Previous Work:
This is our first title of many to come!

Talent Required:
Programmer/Blueprint Expert

Looking for someone who can dedicate a notable portion of time to building and refining a cooperative multiplayer demo. Assets including basic UI, music, sound effects, 3D models, animations and textures are all already created and available. Two separate UE4 projects are currently built with extremely light blueprints (based on public tutorials and YT videos), but building on that work is not required (whatever creates the best end product). Very interested in collaborating on gameplay ideas beyond the core concept. We are willing to purchase/create additional assets as is appropriate for the scope of the first non-funded demo.

  • Ability to work fluently in UE4 and navigate/create blueprints.
  • Skills to refactor code to programming languages from UE4 considered a plus, but not required beyond the needs of the project.
  • Must be 21 years or old.
  • Must sign an NDA.
  • Working in/around the Austin, TX area considered a plus (most of our team is currently located here).
  • Friendly, cooperative, and passionate about working with a team to create a killer new title!