Need programmer and 3D environment artist

Hello ,

we need an experienced programmer in Multiplayer and AI .

plus a 3D environment Artist for make a realistic post apocalyptic map

For info Discord : devu4nor#1256

Are you open to working with a remote team on this or only looking for individuals?

Sent you a message via Discord.

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Updated we need a programmer for Make a player uknown battleground game ! Need all The same mechanics

I’ve actually joined a small team recently working on a battle royal style game like pubg, so I’d be interested; I tried searching the Unreal Slackers discord and didn’t find you. Which discord server are you with?

Hey, I’ve actually joined a small team recently that’s also working on a battle royal style game, so I’d be interested; what discord server are you with so I can message you?

Btw fyi I am considered the lead programmer on our small team; my primary task has been to program the main player character (camera, firing, animation state, replication, etc), although I’ve also worked with item pickups and level interactions in the past.

We can discuss on discord devu4nor#1256

Okay, I - Re4gNarsil#0647 - sent a friend request to you.