Need pointers for server creation


Hey all you wonderful developers, I’ve recently decided to challenge myself by creating a multiplayer game. I’ve mostly been making minigames to get comfortable with BVS, since I am an art-guy. But want to push it further.

The issue

I was about to start making all the mechanics of the game, when I realized from reading a post here, that it was the best idea to simultaneously develop the multiplayer part.
The thing I want to make is (now please don’t be too harsh with me here, I’m a complete noob when it comes to networking) is a server system like Ark and Conan exiles. Where there’s a list of servers you can join. Where there’s a map on that server you can play on and the server saves your characters data and so on. Hope you are with me here.

So I’ve been looking on different tutorials and trying to find one that helps with making just that, but so far I’ve only been able to find tuts on queueing systems like league of legends, or dedicated servers.

My guess is, that I have to rent a server somewhere, and then code the game to connect to that server. Or am I completely wrong here?

and sorry for making this post guys, I know a lot of people ask about multiplayer setups. But I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am willing to pay for good tutorials also, in case someone knows a good one on Udemy or something.

Also, is it even possible to code with blueprint? Does it have to be in C++?

I welcome any feedback!

Okay, I’ve been searching some more, and if I’m correct it’s a dedicated server tutorial I’m looking for right? So to start off I’ll “just” make my pc the dedicated server for testing. Then when things seem to work I can rent some servers somewhere and then switch the game to run on those servers?

Am I on the right path here?