Need Physically Based Materials settings

For these materials need PBR settings (Roughness, Metallic, Specular):

  1. Gray asphalt
  2. Gray concrete
  3. Red, white, brown bricks
  4. Painted metall (Yellow, blue, red, green, black, rusty, zinc)
  5. Plaster wall (blue, green, white)
  6. Sand, Stone, Rock
  7. Tile (white, colored)
  8. Wood (default, painted)
  9. Carpet (colored, transulent)
  10. Glass (transparent, colored)

And how to convert these setting to these materials:

Albedo is the only thing you really need to worry about. Anything that isn’t raw metal has a 0 metallic value. Roughness depends a lot on context and the look you want.
No need to touch specular on most materials.
Carpet and glass are going to have their own shaders.

For these materials also needed settings:
Friction, Friction Combine Mode, Restitution, Restitution Combine Mode, Density, Raise Mass to Power.