Need people for Sci-Fi Fantasy Game!

I have a pretty good idea I think I can make into something really entertaining and successful. I may pay depending on overall profit of the game.
The timeframe as of right now, is a tad complicated because it’s going to be tons of coding, so maybe a year, depending on our work speed.

In need of:
C++ Programmer ( I need 2 to 3 programmers)
3D Character Artist
3D Artist ( Object Models, Item Icons)
Level Designer (Landscape)
3D Modelling artist
Music Composer ( I need tons of sounds effects, stuff like that)

I’m thinking Skype for communication.

I’m looking for committed people to make my ideas into reality.

Thanks for reading.

Is there any particular reason these threads never say ‘writer needed’?

I think its because you add story to most games later in development, and most games from those threads never get to that phase. Also for a game with story you need some real budget.

Perhaps because game authors are also the writers ?

We could use an extra writer to give our story more rich details and help us finalize our current ideas.
Just to be clear, this project is unpaid and will be for experience only.
If you are interested, contact us!

^^^ This ^^^

You gotta give more details than that if you’re expectin’ a team.

More than that, there’s a lot of ‘I’ in the original post and not enough ‘we’, if you look at it from a distance.