Need partner(s) for a game I want to make.

I want to make a zombie survival game called “The White room”. I can design the levels using blender. What I need help with is the game mechanics and zombie design.

I am willing to split royalties 50/50. Sadly I can not pay you upfront I am broke.

my email is

Oh fair warning this game will be mature.

Hi bro!

If you need help from another beginner, i’m here. I was about to make a game with my friends but for some reason it ended up throwing the idea away. So i have free time for exactly this kind of time killing.
I don’t need exactly a fair piece of the royalty, I feel more comfortable with the idea that ppl should get what they deserve, so it would be better to think about that after the project finished =). I dont really know how far i can help you, or how much i can do, but if you accept me i can do my best for you.
I love survival games so i think there will be no problem with it.
I think i can do everything a bit(learned in university but never tried my skills in real combat yet), modeling, designing, blueprinting, animating etc. But i still learn C++ so i can’t help you in scripts. but the semester ends in may, so i think it will be able soon.
(Can you describe me what “mature” means in this phrase? I couldn’t really understand you at this point.)

I dont know if you read this in the forum so i sent it to your email too.

Just throw me and e-mail if you want to contact me. Adress:[EMAIL=“”]

Bálint Zsíros

ps: sorry for my bad english =P

I am a c++ programmer that would be interested in joining. I could spend around 20-30 hours a week helping work on the project. Let me know if your interested.

My email is