Need Opinions on AI scripting

Hello all.

I’m currently in progress of moving an old tower defense project from Unity into Unreal due to being more familiar in unreal and the options I can go with it. I’m reworking my GDD and have run into some different scenarios on what to use for my AIs movement. I’ll try to keep it simple so it not a massive wall of text but the enemies are gonna be a mix of wheeled, hovering, tracked, and possibly walker types . My senarios on movement in my head are like this.

Have AI control all movement of a static mesh and use looped animations of tracks moving, wheels turning, etc.
Pros: easier and maybe less resources?
Cons: simple AI movement and tacky, just doesn’t look good.

Use physics on bones in wheels, tracks, etc and have the AI like “drag” the enemies across the ground?
Pros: wheels spin freely and realistic and can have vehicle suspension
Cons: sounds resource intensive and still leaves me with dumb AI movement, cutting corners, etc…

Lastly, use vehicle movement components and have actually drive with the AI turning the wheels and using torque.
Pros: most realistic movement. I assume I can make these types skid, drift, jump and also have the most realistic hovercraft movement with this option.
Cons: I’m not sure how resource heavy this will be if more than 20 or so on screen at once.

Just looking for advice or expertise in these type of things or if anyone has used such systems what they ended up finding. Thanks.