Need mentor

Hey, I need a mentor for the ARK Dev Kit that can learn me UI/inventory and how to apply them to items, and of course what files to use.

If possible can you be slightly more specific what you are trying to do? As i understand from your previous post you are trying to make a nw structure with a custom inventory that allows you to craft new items in it, is this correct? And if so I can help you out with that. If not I would need more clarification and there are others that deal with custom user interfaces UI.

I already made that mod. Now there is 2 new mods with two different UI. One of them is just text that appear when you aim at something like the spyglass. The other one is going to do something permanent like make a map marker on the map.

I just want to learn how to do this so i don’t need to ask for help every time.

The closest you get to a mentor is if you join Discord, hang out there, listen to other peoples problems and the solutions others propose and ask questions yourself there. I doubt that you will find someone what sits down with you and explains to you how UI works. It’s just very time consuming, inefficent and there is not much gain out of it. It would make more sense to create a tutorial since many people can benefit from that. But hey, maybe someone wants to proof me wrong.

I also recommend the UE4 tutorials on UI widgets. The Ark widget toolset is quite outdated compared to UE 4.10 but at least it is a start.