Need materials builder if possible, full credits

Im trying to make a map on the dev kit…im a beginner with UE4, but made some nice maps for crysis with cryengine in the old days :slight_smile:
My biggest problem now is to import stuff from the UE4 to the dev kit itself.
my problem:
I want to use all the statics and materials from “KITEDEMO” (free) from the UE4 into the devkit.
All textures and statics it imports, but the materials not.
Ive tried many different things to get them, best way was just to copy-paste them into the hard drive folder,
once I loaded the devkit up, the materials appeared to be ok, untill I clicked on them, and they were again blank…
Ive tried to copy-paste the blueprints to create them myself…I get close, but fail big aswell…
must be doing something wrong…Ive been at it for a week now, and getting no where…

so pls some help if possible with materials from KITEDEMO in the UE4

the error I get is:
The following assets have been saved with an engine version newer than the current and therefore will not be able to be saved:

both engines are up to date

nvm, found an easy way, more or less to do so mmyself :slight_smile:
alrdy have flowers, grass and bushes :slight_smile: