Need Material Function Help

I have made some realy beatiful materials made and transitioned them into a material function hoping to use them in a master landscape material set up. they are simple material functions that i want to blend to geather not layer so i can have procedrial landscape textures based on slope or hight. can any one help with this or point me in the right direction?

Quick search on YouTube turned up this.Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Procedural Material Based On Slope - YouTube sure you could adapt this into the Function to get the desired effect.

so you arer kinda right and i actually used this video to help set up what i was trying to go for and what im using already. the problem is you cant LERP material functions together you can only put them into a material blend node which does just that blends them together dose not let them be two distinct materials that are applied based on slope. I would be happy at this point being able to use a material function as a layer i could paint the terrain with. Still working on it.