Need Level Designer, Vfx Artist, UI Designer for dank meme game


I’m the lead programmer for a game called “Countryballs: World War”.
It’s a fast-paced third person / first person shooter with special abilities based on the Countryball memes.

Since one of our Level Designers is currently working hard on the Kickstarter campaign of the medieval fighting game Mordhau, we need urgent assistance with level designing, but we could also need some help with particles and our GUI.

The game is close to an alpha release and already playable.

The first ever post we made blew up on 9gag. You can find it here -

Here’s an in-game screenshot:

About us:

We have been working on this game very passionately for almost 2 years.

Our team consists of 5 people:
1x Programmer from Germany
2x Level Designers from England and Germany/Poland
2x 3D Artists from the USA and Canada/Argentina

We’re an all-around great team consisting of people with diverse skillsets. Most of us are professionals in Game Development or Programming.

We need:
1x Level Designer -> We’re looking for a level designer to update our existing maps and to create new maps, with help from our artists.
1x UI Designer -> We’re looking for a UI artist to update our menu and HUD.
1x Vfx Designer -> We could use some help updating and polishing our existing particle effects and we will need you to create new effects as well, mostly for special abilities.
(1x 3D Artist)

If you are interested contact me on Skype: majekchb or on **Steam: majek_pl **