Need input, rigging tank tracks with bones?

I’ve so far gotten along pretty well with rigging vehicles in Max and played around with it a good deal. I have made a tank controller that works quite nicely, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to rig tank tracks that will move with the wheels as they go up and down. My initial idea was to use a spline for it but with the lack of instanced spline meshes that quickly became a problem; I don’t want ~100+ separate thread link models and for various reasons I would like to do it with a single mesh “band” so to say. Having the bones intended to deform the track attached to the wheels causes obvious problems, the track pieces rotate as the wheels do and it yields quite amusing results. Having the track bones parented to the body causes the body mesh to not appear at all in UE o.O.

So what would be a good idea for rigging these tracks? I even tried having a separate track mesh with physics set up, but they only keep the wheels from going through and hitting the ground, and the track doesn’t follow the ground either, so missing something there too.