need input if my animation setup is correct

hey all,

so i’ve only been working in UE4 for roughly 3 weeks now. this past week i’ve been working on setting up my characters animations. i’m going for a tactical type FPS using the third person example as a base. after watching a lot of tutorials here and there and reading up on things i’ve managed to get things working and to a pretty satisfactory stage.

what im trying to achieve is as follows. i want the player to be able to walk, run, crouch, and go prone with and without a weapon. additionally i want the player to be able to lower his rifle, raise it to engage and one step higher, aim down his sights. so far so good.

here is a short video (potato quality) showing that everything is working just fine so far.

now this all being said, what i need help with is having somebody look over it, and verify that i did things correctly. partially i followed tutorials and partially i came about things my own way using blueprint. so here is a image showing how its setup.

the top image is the event graph. the question i have here is, i saw 2 tutorials, one using the yellow box (sequences) to animate the character and one using the green box method (using interface’s). question, what is the difference and which is better to use keeping later multiplayer functionality in mind?

next up is the state machine, some tutorials said you could break it down to as many states as you need but i ended up managing to create what i need in a really small state machine, is this to avoid or encouraged? also look at how i did it, looking at the idle/walk state it basically is a combination of blend posses that check if certain values are true or false.

stand without weapon > combat ready is true > stand with rifle ready > if aiming is true > stand while looking down sights > if aiming is false, combat ready true and low ready true > stand with rifle lowered

i did the same for crouching (crouch with no weapon, crouch with weapon ready, low ready and aiming) and to get to crouch i simply check if crouch is true and not true to move between states.

i hope i was able to articulate myself properly or at least to a understandable degree, keep in mind i’ve only been working in UE4 for about 3 weeks. a lot of the terms and lingo is new to me (only previous experience was in arma 2 and 3’s engine). if there are better ways to achieve what i am after please let me know.

thanks for any input, oh, also this is my first post :slight_smile: