Need info on how to publish a free game on playstore

Hi, I have made a small mini game and i am thinking of adding it in playstore.
The game is a a kind of stacking block game, and i am releasing it for free,
What are the formalities to be taken care of?
Do i need to inform epic games on this, or i can just upload to playstore,
I do not indent to monetize it, it will be a free game.
Please help me on this

I think you have to be clear it uses UE, and only use the recommended icons etc. Also when you downloaded it, you agreed to the license, which means Epic doesn’t want to be associated with dodgy content. But what you have sounds fine.

so i will be able to release it without contacting unreal engine team

I only take a couple of minutes to fill in the form. I haven’t read the agreement in a while, can’t be sure.

The license says you’re okay…

But if you’re here asking, you aren’t familiar with the license, so you may be in trouble in other areas.

Did you use any GPL or otherwise “free” content in your game for example?

It’s the answer you knew someone would give, but didn’t want to hear… but it is important.
Legal teams get paid well for good reason.