Need in a vendor company for a project

I am looking for a team to help me develop concept demo about Cisco networking exams in VR (Oculus Rift+Touch). We have some ideas and started to develop them couple of month ago as a hobby project with UE4 without any experience, but received too much interest from management and requirements to make it cool for some upcoming conferences in different countries with high time pressure. We need to make 3 minute interactive demo where user needs to do manipulations with Oculus Touch - select wrongly connected racks, plug in/out cables into equipment, move packets between interfaces. Main requirement - it should be done with the best possible graphic and effects to produce “wow experience”. Second requirement - try to work together with my team (small or no experience) to teach us. May be you can deliver several hands-on trainings for us in person or remotely. My team is in different countries but we can manage travel to come together somewhere for 1-2 weeks. I can show my project and my attempts to build our ideas but I need in experienced team and good artists to develop very cool demo product from or instead of it in a limited time. I have 3D models of our equipment from engineering without textures, we can use it. Please bring examples (or links to youtube) of your previous work. Contact me with email - Roman Volkov - In case of successful proof of concept demo we can continue our work to build some learning/certifications products.

You need both development and mentoring, correct?

Yes, we need to train small team to be able create tasks to vendor and assess results