Need ideas or some help!

Hey guys I finally have allocated some time to work on my indie game, but I’m having some difficulties when it comes to a few aspects of my game. For example i am creating bubbles that should float around in a blocking volume but I only want a 2d movement, yet my bubbles must be able to be destroyed upon users touch. That much i have figured out… Heres where the question comes in. When creating a mesh particle emitter, is it possible to use a blueprint and if not what is the best way to spawn these bubbles into the level and appear at random areas within the blocking volume.

Next question is one I have been fighting with for a while, but lets say a particular bubble has a bomb in it, how could i create a shockwave that can destroy other bubbles within that shockwave, or is that something i have to set up in cascade. Here is a basic premise of the game… You have a time limit to pop as many bubbles as possible, some bubbles contain power ups like a bomb, or something else, so using the power up bubbles at the right moments will increase your score. Yet I cant get my power ups to work until i can get a way to destroy other bubbles with either particle effects or other means… So anyone have any suggestions? Im getting to a point Im considering starting on a newer project idea, but at the same time i really don’t want to abandon this project until I am just 100% stumped. Thank you all for taking the time to look this up.

For first part, random spawn a bp is possible(I don’t know about mesh particle emitter), you would have to manage bubble location so that they won’t overlap each other, and won’t overlap static walls.
It’s not trivial, but doable.(ie. use construction script to find a location that won’t overlap with given radius.)

For second part, you could just create a basic bubble type, and let all the bubbles takes 2 types of “damage”, one being overlapped by player, and another one being radial damage(from bomb).
That way you don’t have to worry about which bubble do what, they will just handle the damage themselves.