Need ideas for my concept!

Hello fellow Devs,

So after thinking hard and trying to get a concept in my mind for a new, not necessarily AAA, game I came to MGS V´s approach to game design. And I love it. Simple infiltration missions, not big open worlds, but rather an area for the player to search around, find new ways to approach the objective, maybe steal something or kill someone in a base in a desert. You know the cliche missions. At least for the beginning to see how the idea develops. But I realize these concepts are not enough. I´d like to ask you guys for ideas, where it should take place, how the bases or even small villages should be put together, or any idea really that can help me if you think it can :slight_smile: The game itself should be a low poly third person type of game the core mechanics and difficulty should be the heart of the game, stealth and tactics.

Oh and sorry if I posted this thread in the wrong place, feel free to tell me the right place where it should belong :slight_smile:

Hope you can help me out!