Need Help

I want to create MMORPG, FPS, so on, (D2, LOL, Halo, COD, and so on), but there aren’t enough materials, level design tutorials, game concepts, game setup, figuration, provided in UE4. I tried using mod, video tutorials under Learn section, but none seemed to help. Can someone like make a video tutorial or something and send me a good link?

I mean, they call it Unreal Engine 4, but there is practically nothing you can do with it. Or at least for free at all!

There’s a lot of free content examples and materials provided with UE4 and within the launcher. And your free to make your own. There’s plenty of texture websites and resources online as well.

You’re just not trying hard enough then.

I would suggest you got a lot to learn before attempting that…you cant go from hey I just downloaded the ue4 engine where is the make cool game button…to a complete game, sorry that’s not how it works at all

As for no free stuff are you cracked???

Browse and Search the Unreal Engine Marketplace - UE Marketplace <<<Example

Tons of free stuff if you just look a little…

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Where can I find tutorials on how to make FPS, MMORPG? I need a setup, and like add Cinema in between story mode game plays?

My question is not getting answered I’ll stop if you answer my question. Besides there are about 500k posts.

I see these ridiculously entitled questions over and over on this forum, and I wonder why people even bother replying to them?
Does OP just expect someone to upload knowledge into their brain? This isn’t the matrix. Learning is work. Do your research or give up.

No. I need an actual FPS game setup like COD. Like Unreal Engine free games with blueprints.