Hi, I get textures from gametextures site and am using unreal engine 4 to plug some files together.

What I need is to get the original quality texture as sown in the gametextures site.

for example there is 5 tga files and I want to plug theme together, I did plug some tga together but some of theme I don’t know where they go, for example there is …


d1 and d2 this are like different colors where they go to base color ?

I know where the following goes

normal map
Specular map
Gloss map

Where the Transparency Map goes ?
Where the Height Map goes ?
Where the Emissive Map goes ?

Now once I did plug some tga files together, now how to get the texture to save it as tga file to my desktop.

When I download a texture from it gives me, say 4 to 7 tga files with it, I want to plug some of theme together and save it as tga file in my desktop please explain to me step by step, I don’t know anything about unreal engine, all I need to know is how to plug tga’s together and get the original texture of theme saved to my desktop as tga.

I need the tga to import it to the vtf edit and then use it on my map.


Your heightmap can either go into a BumpOffset node for ‘parallax occlusion mapping’, or into your Displacement if you’re using tessellation.

Emissive maps go into the Emissive colour on the Material node.

Transparency maps only work on translucent materials, and would need to be inverted (run through a one-minus node) and plugged into Opacity.

Ok but you not answer me about how to save the texture as tga file :smiley: how to save the texture crow ? answer me how

If you’re asking how to write out the material swatch as a TGA, there’s no real way to do it - its a shader.

But if you want to combine all your texture elements together to make a simple TGA texture, you should do it Photoshop.

You’d take your diffuse/colour layers, and plus the emissive texture over the top of that. Everything else will only work when plugged into an actual shader - there’s no use for the other textures if you’re only looking to make a simple colour map.

Man I did pay for the unreal engine $19 just to plug this files together what are lying to me wtf. They told me use unreal engine to plug theme together and save the texture as tga file otherwise what the hell I will do with the texture in the unreal engine. If this not work in unreal engine then I wish if I can cancel the subscription and get refund my money.

And also they have bad service they never answer to your question it takes too long that’s why I come here to ask you…

I plug some tga files together and the texture looks good ok ok now tell me how to save it as tga file.

Man listen am not saying material what the hell I will do with the material as tga file. Am saying I want to get the texture as tga file to use it in source engine, on source sdk to use this textures on the map am making for cs source ok.

Once I get the tga file I will import it to vtfedit and then use it on my map ok.

Or I have gimp 2.8 I can do this on gimp, if yes then how… can you add me on steam and you connect me with ammy to show me how to do it. I think on gimp I can do it, but I don’t know how.

steam profile you can add me

So let me get this straight, you purchased a UE4 subscription to make textures for Source engine?

You’re being belligerent now, so I’m going to point you here and leave it at that. Category:Material System - Valve Developer Community

No I told you that am using to get the textures but when I download a texture it gives me 5 to 7 tga files and to get the texture I need to plug this files together and save it as tga file.

once I get the tga file I have the vtfEDIT in my desktop I can import it by myself and use it in source sdk hammer for my map.

Or I have gimp 2.8 I can do this on gimp, if yes then how… can you add me on steam and you connect me with ammy to show me how to do it. I think on gimp I can do it, but I don’t know how.

steam profile you can add me

Okay, let me get this straight…you want to combine your diffuse, normal, specular, gloss, transparency, height, and emissive maps all into one tga texture file and magically import it into source? It doesn’t work like that at all. A tga is just an image, not a full material file that can describe all of those properties.

Perhaps take a look at this page? Creating a Material - Valve Developer Community

Yeah I know that a tga file is an image…

Take look at this image but start reading from where its says (1)

Instead of doing this above, I say if I just plug theme together would be better and less KB.

Also I can import this tga files in the VTFEdit but seems not working like that because the VMT file will remain like this …

Ok, perhaps your understanding of how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together are confused.

You downloaded already made game textures from a website called, personally, with the exception of a few minor details, I would make the textures myself from scratch when possible, there’s improved tools available today and simple processes, some even automated that makes stuff work, but that’s just me.

From Crow87’s provided link is the documentation from Valve, the 2 formats you’re most likely referring too and shown there are stored in 2 files which are your VTF and VMT files which are formats owned by Valve and for use in the Source Engine, a *.vtf file is basically the texture file, the *.vmt file is the Material file. As the documentation describes, you do not need a TGA file you can use other common formats and they must be a power of 2, you use the Source SDK Tool VTEX tool to create your *.vtf texture file.

I think maybe you got the game engines and companies mixed up somehow.

Unreal Engine is owned by Epic Games

Source Engine is owned by Valve

These are 2 totally different game engines and 2 different companies.

It’s like Microsoft Vs. Apple.

Sometimes it helps to change your thinking and think outside the box and adapt.

Here’s some Unreal Engine Video’s to see what your $19 has paid for, you can probably do alot more with it than you think:

That functionality in Hammer for building a game level is just like inside Unreal Engine already with BSP Brush editing, and you can export the Static Meshes you create with the textures using the FBX format, and then you can use Blender or another tool to convert it to other formats and/or perform further editing.

Material Information for Unreal Engine is here: