Need help

Okay, so at the moment I am just following the basic tutorial that they give you with building a basic box map from scratch, anyway,

I do all the normal stuff, place a floor, place directional lighting (Also played with that and figured out you can change the brightness of it I think, cool) than placed atmospheric fog in, placed a character start and lightmass importance I think it was, scratched my head around on that for a bit but finally figured it out.

Played once doing that to ensure it works and no errors come up, presto, no errors, must be doing something right haha.

So I get to the bit about placing materials from the content browser, but there’s nothing there, I was under the impression there should be the same things there as what’s in the tutorial?

Do I have to manually add them?

The tutorial I was doing wanted you to start from scratch.

When I started it, I did choose not to start with materials as wanted to make a basic map from scratch, would this aeffect the content browser?

I am doing this in 4.1.2, should I be doing it in 4.2.1?

But so far, my impressions are that the UI seems to be really good, I suppose I just have to learn my way around it mostly, than learn what does what and what works where.


When you create a new project enable the tick box that says “Include Starter Content.”


So I should have that ticked than start a new map?

Yeah. And you can start a new project with that enabled and then migrate those materials to your existing project if you dont want to start all over.

Ahh nice!

I’ll probably just delete the project and start over again, it couldn’t hurt to keep beating in the process in my head I so I remember for next time!

Thanks for the help.

You don’t actually need to start over - make a new temporary project, tick on the “Include Starter Content” option. Once its loaded in, go into the Content Browser, select the Materials folder and right-click > Migrate. You can then navigate to your project root and hit OK. It’ll copy over all the assets from the temp project into yours, along with all the dependencies (IIRC).

Comes in handy if you want to be selective with your assets, and don’t want all the junk that comes with the starter projects.

Yeah I just figured while I am learning it can’t hurt to go over the same things more than once to beat them in via repetitiveness.

Anyway, I’m getting that point now where at least getting the basic of a building, learning how to change the directional light, spot light and atmospheric fog and learning what all the changes do and how it reacts to the game, learnt about re-building lighting and what it means when it says lighting needs to be rebuilt, and after getting a basic building built, I learnt that to texture the outside I can just go to geometry add in a new box, make it nice and thin, make it decently wide and long, than re-texture it and it doesn’t interfere with my building textures :slight_smile:

Slowly getting there, slowly. Considering I am only on my second day of use with the engine I think I am making good process so far.

Things that are irking me at the moment are

-Geometry mode; With this pratice building I am making, I am making a simple box infrastructure with no separated rooms to keep it simple, but I would like to add box that goes out into the room like what was in one of the tutorial videos on unealengine’s Youtube channel but can’t seem to get it to work.

-I’m also having troubles with getting things perfectly lined up both width wise and height, getting kinda annoying.