Need help

Hello folks.

This will sound extremely retarded, but where is the UDK launcher located? I cannot find the same editor I got when i installed the program for the first time.
I would like to start working on maps and learning the engine, but can’t find the program -.-

So any help would be appriciated.

Sorry for being an idiot.


Do you mean UE4(Unreal Engine 4) or UDK(Unreal Development Kit)?

Development kit.

When you mean UDK, just type UDK into the windows search bar -> then you should find a udk editor and udk game .exe

Next time please ask your question in the UDK fourm: :wink:

I can’t find the UDK editor. That’s the problem :confused: Windows search bar does not find it either.

And sorry if wrong section, joined 2 hours ago.

But you have installed it? When yes, then go to your folder - Binaries - open Unreal Frontend. Now in the window on the right upper side you can find a button called “unrealed”. Click onto it and it will start the editor.

Also search a little bit on google. I still remember from my UDK times that many people had this problem and that there are other solutions :slight_smile:

You have to run the udk executable in binaries win32/64 with the argument “-editor”.