Need help with web browser plugin and security options

Hello, this is my first post here; I’m having trouble with the web browser and it’s rather specific. I’m trying to share images via social media or mail, and I have set up my front and back ends properly and it’s all working fine.
The problem is that I’m using the HTML -input type=“file”- component, and trying to pre-populate it with an image that I previously saved locally with Unreal, instead of manually selecting the file from the computer. I heard I should deactivate the auto-upload security parameters in the browser because this logically brings security issues and every browser prevents this practise by default; but I can’t find any configs, xml’s or anything like that inside the UE4 installation path.
Just in case I don’t explain myself so great, I’m trying to do all of this inside the Unreal Web Browser component, like if you open a browser instance during the gameplay (which is basically what I’m doing).

Anyone could point that out to me, or help me in any other way? Thanks in advance!