Need Help with Timer Function

Hello All! I am working on an undergraduate research project for psychology. The software I have created however is dependent on recording a timer variable when responses are made. I have really struggled in making a timer function. Can somebody please help me with what nodes I need to start a timer function when the HUD widget loads? Also, if anyone has recommendations for recording the time when a response is made, storing it, and exporting it to excel, that would be awesome. Otherwise I am just going to save it in a string and take screenshots at the end.


You have the EventConstruct now in widget BPs, so you can use that to start the timer. ( In fact, you don’t need a timer as such, you can just use GetGameTimeInSeconds ).

As for recording the times when someone presses a key ( or whatever ), why not just add them to an array. When you’re done you can list the array.

As far as getting it into XL is concerned, I don’t think you can do that without a plugin. There are some on the marketplace: