Need Help with Timeline Issue

So I have this game where a ship moves up and down to collect some things while avoiding others. Since it’s on mobile I need fairly precise movement for this style of game, so me and my team opted for a sort of “lane” system in which the ship can only move to certain points on the Z-axis by pressing our Up and Down buttons.

The Blueprint looks like so:

And the Timeline looks like this:

But here is the issue, when I press the button to go up (the ship starts in the middle of the screen) it moves up smoothly as intended. But if I then press Up once more (since there are 5 lanes) the ship moves itself back to the middle of screen before very choppily moving up to the desired point.

And when I go downwards it’s not exactly pretty either…I am sure I’m just using the timeline or interpolation nodes wrong, but I am not sure which part.

I figured it out. I forgot to change the “Old Lane” variable so it kept interpolating from Lane 2 instead of the newest Old Lane.