Need help with this INI stuff Plz.

I am very new to this kind of stuff lol. The INI stuff works on my client just fine but doesn’t work on my server. If someone would be so kind to point out what I did wrong.<a href=“”><img src=“” title=“source:” /></a>](<a href=“”><img src=“” title=“source:” /></a>) My health works just fine but the Max Inventory slots only work on my client.

Help would be much appreciated!

Clients don’t have access to gamemode communication. You have to grab the information of the .ini on the server then replicate it to the client, but some variables have to be changed on both the client and server. For instance, you can modify the speed of a bird through the graph at the press of a button. However, you have to adjust the speed of the bird on the server, then adjust it on the client, or else the client suffers from severe stuttering due to a desync. You’ll likely have to do the same thing.

I’m sorry about the link not working. Here are some good links. XPVApKw.png SdSJo0d.png

It looks like this will be a day off to do list. LOL because right now I’m so lost.

had the same issue til last night, all the codes are only being done on serverside, you also need to run it on client to get the inventory components to update properly on client

sorry, not at home right now, so i cant show you an example for it, but thats the general idea.

I think I may just step back from this for a while. I have tried watching different tutorials and i still can get the Max inventory slot count to work on my server just on the single player it works. So I know I am doing the client side, ok but the server side not so well lol.

If anyone knows of a tutorial of any type on this subject plz let me know. It would be much appreciated.

from the way i see you do your graph so far, the tutorial you’re on is already the correct one, just run the max inventory part off the client pin and it should work properly.

here, thats from the modding discord, thats an example of a working one

Thank you all for the help! I figured it out and got the Items working lol at least at the moment. I did forget about the client spot and forgot to put a checkmark in one of my setters. Well, they work in ADK that is well we will see lol. Thanks again!

Just Tested on my Severs and My Single Player and All the GUS.INI files work Great! YAY Me LOL!