Need help with this error

Hi all, Im trying to implement a save/load function. It seems to saves ok but doesnt load. The array this error is talking about is a bunch of tokens that i spawn and drop into a level. They then move around in the level with standard physics. Then i save it. i then jump out of the level and back into it, click the load key and get this error. Not sure what im doing wrong?

Well heres the blueprint where its saving actors to the array, so im still lost

Ok so to help, here are my full, save game and load game blueprints. Both are inside the TP Character BP. Hope this helps, and thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Ok, so i’m a little step further in the right direction i think. I’ve changed my load BP a little, so i’ve added the spawn actor from class as shown in the picture, and removed the loc, rot, scale nodes.
Now if i start the game and drop 5 tokens, save it. exit, then start the game again, the correct amount of tokens are back in the map again, but they were all placed back where they were first spawned and not where they were wen i saved it.
Also each time i re load the level from the save file, 1 random token is spawned in automatically for some reason lol. Even tho theres no tokens in the scene to start with.
Thanks again