Need help with the Unreal Engine

Can anyone help me out with one thing please? I had problems starting the unreal engine for weeks… I am just not good with computers I’m afraid and well don’t know where to start off…but my plan is to get this engine running and get visual studio and start learning about making games and creating them. Is someone willing to help me out please? Like maybe a share screen to help you understand the problems that I have?

I would love if someone can help me out as I show them the problem…I usually understand by seeing and doing …not that much with words.

Please, upload a screen with your issue

I agree screen caps would help.

On a more deeper level I think you should really work on your technical skills because being afraid will not get you to where you want. If simple troubleshooting is already difficult then I’m not sure C++ would be the best thing to start with. Blueprints would be the best option starting out and even then it has a learning curve that requires studying and focus. Just my opinion but I believe anyone can create awesome games with Unreal, it just takes a lot of work.