Need help with the plugin i am using ''Module conflict''

I have bought GameDNA MobileKit & MobileAds
But there is a problem ‘‘embeddedframework’’ conflict with each other. If i try to package it failled saying those 3 files below conflict.


I cannot ask to GameDNA developer because he is at the hospital.

Is there a way to make sure they do not conflict?
So when i package it create Folder named MobileKit with is .Framework and another Folder named MobileAds with is .frameworks? so no conflict.

Thanks for your help. and sorry for my english.

Resolve: Got help from GameDNA member (Benny Panik) on discord. Here how to fix.

  • Install Unreal engine from source code
  • Go to: D:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Configuration\ Open → UEBuildModule.cs

Replace Line 195 by this line below:

Framework = new UEBuildFramework(FrameworkRules.Name, FileReference.Combine(ModuleDirectory, FrameworkRules.ZipPath), DirectoryReference.Combine(UnrealBuildTool.EngineDirectory, “Intermediate”, “UnzippedFrameworks”, ModuleDirectory.FullName.Substring(ModuleDirectory.FullName.LastIndexOf(Path.DirectorySeparatorChar) + 1), FrameworkRules.Name, Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(FrameworkRules.ZipPath)), FrameworkRules.CopyBundledAssets);

This will categorize by plugin name so no more conflict.