Need help with the Editor please. Coming from Serious Editor

Hi there.

Im a long time user of the Serious Editor from Croteam.
Now I want to learn Unreal Editor.
I imported a T3D map but its all stuck together in 1 spot.


Need help as Im totally new to this Editor.
Just dont know what to do from here.
How do you “move” a brush/mesh and such ?

Im a noob so thanks for any help,

Just click on one object and move it with those “arrows” (green, red, blue) :slight_smile:

Ahh, yes saw that. Its just like Serious Editor thank God :).
But most the time all the “wireframe” disappear and I see only Vertexes. Want to see the “wireframe” and move that around.
Also how do you create a solid Mesh from everything ?
Its all jumbled. I move the pieces around and try to puzzle them together but dont know how to create a Solid Brush/Mesh or what its called.
Want to puzzle the pieces together into a solid piece. Into a solid map that is.

Usch alot to learn. ha ha…
Thanks for the reply.

I pesonally would recommend you to not use the bsp brushes for your objects -> better learn how to use a 3d tool + use static meshes :slight_smile:

in the original program see if there is an option to permanently transform the brushes before export/import. This should reset rotation/scale/translation values all back to zero.
That might sound wrong for translation, but all this does is essentially set the values to zero which has the effect of moving the brush’s pivot to 0,0,0 and not the whole brush.