Need help with the AR Template to add a playable character.

Hi there. I have some questions.
For my Bachelor Project, I want to build an AR application for android, which utilizes Object recognition to add colliders to scanned objects (premade objects via qr codes / image tracking at first). The goal is, that a player character can interact with the scanned objects (way gets blocked, can be jumped on). I use the AR Template as starting point and already got the template to work on my android test device (Dev. environment should be fully setup and working, Test device is a Samsung S20 Ultra). Now im kinda stuck to add a player character. I already imported the 3rd person character template.

The first milestone i try to achieve is a playable character which can run around on my table in AR. Sadly im stuck, since im very new to UE5 development.

Any help and pointers are greatly appreciated since I am slowly running out of time for my project.