Need help with tank in RTS

Hello, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.Using tutorials on youtube I created a working rts camera and I can select and move around with character(topdown template).The problem is that I dont know how to continue.I created a simple tank model, put it together in ue4 and copy-pasted move script from topdowncharacter but the problem is that since I can select only character class BP my tank is also a character and I dont know how to change the capsuleComponent to fit the tank model.Second problem is that it rotate towards mouse click immediately but I want it to rotate slowly and then move.Then I want to rotate turret towards enemy or attack mouse click.I was programming for a while in unity C# but I found that making models, particles, textures is more interesting and funny for me.What should I do now?I thought about digitaltutors for learning blueprints but I dont want to waste time by creating another project because then I will never finish my rts and even the tutorial one.Im ok with learning but I just dont want to spend a week learning something then come back and still dont know how to continue.I need to make progress so I can continue and dont give up.Please help.Sorry for my english.Thanks.