Need help with swipe/touch screen to rotate actor.

Hi, I’ve been struggling to make this blueprint work. My idea was to make an object/actor in the world rotatable by swipping/touching the screen on a mobile phone on the same position. So far i have managed to make it detect swipe function and it works. Problem for me is that i have no idea how to make the object rotate without delay as right know the only method i know is to input a flat amount of delta rotation on “AddActorLocalRotation”.

This is the blueprint i did so far but it’s not the result of what i am trying to achieve.

This is a sample video of what i’m trying to get.

Has any1 managed to make a blueprint that works on the video link above? If you do, would u kindly share or teach me the blueprint? Many thanks.

@Sunnyseah , Here is a simple way to do it

Thanks! Will give it a try!!

Edit : Finally!!! It works!! Thank you so much!!!

hi sunny, i am stocking with this problem and i did exactly what Mhousse said. but i cant achieve the function.
what kind of actor you set to rotate the object. i create an actor with strinArm and an actor. but it does not work. please help me find what is wrong. thanks .

i know this is really super late to ask but what are the blue variables? I wanna follow the answered blue print but have no idea what the blue variables are since there are so many variable types that are blue and I dont know which one you used.

EDIT: Well i tried for hours I guess this method is just not gunna work for everyone, at least not without a real tut somewhere.