Need help with storing data

Hello Unreal Forums,

So I’ve been actively using Unreal Engine for about three weeks now and I must say that I’m a satisfied customer.
I do however have a question about player saves or whatever you want to call it. I’m developing a survival game (how original, I know) with my brother, but we got stuck on saving player data.
We both come from a webdevelopment background, but since we both don’t know C++ we have chosen to use Blueprints for our project. We need to be able to store data in a database, preferably MySQL.

I’ve searched my *** off the last couple of days on how to do it using Blueprints, and I’ve only found people referring to API’s and plugins.
I was wondering if anyone could explain to me (on noob level) how to integrate both C++ and/or MySQL to our Blueprint project, if even possible at .

Kind regards, thanks in advance, and sorry for the spelling mistakes (no native speaker),


You’ll probably want to look into the Save Game and Load Game (in slot) nodes.

You will need to probably create a derived class with of your data in there and cast a few things, but probably this is what you’ll want to do.

As Tucarius said, you can use game instance to save datas :

I don’t know about sql possibilities but this is a way to do to find better solution.

This may also help.

Thanks for taking the to reply guys, but wouldn’t using SaveGame objects store it client-side?
That’s absolutely not what I want because of players then being able to alter those values.

Is there no way to refer to C++ code from a blueprint? And are there no ways to use an API / REST to connect to a SQL database?
No guides or tutorials someone could let me know about?

To me it seems storing values in a database is quite the important feature, how come this is so hard to do in Unreal Engine?
Anways let me know, and thanks again, I appreciate the replies.:o