Need Help with spline mesh animation

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I’m a hobbyist and I have some trouble to achieve a spline animation in unreal. I looked to find a ressource on the web but nothing is related to what I would like to do, and I’m a bit stucked at the moment…
What I want is moving a rope between 2 pulleys. No physics is needed here, just the start from an A location on the spline, to a B location.
I studied the BP_Spline level from content example but in the examples, the mesh is strecthed, what I’m not looking for, and I can’t find a way to move the spline along a spline path…


Is someone could help me to animate this kind of behavior in a Bp Actor? Or simply indicates me a web ressource to help me moving forward on this (I also took a look into the UnrealLearning portal, but i did’nt find either…)

Thanks a lot for your help;

Check out this thread:

Many thanks everynone,
Seems to be what I need!!!

Unfortunately, this technique works with a single mesh that is interpolated from the start to the end of the spline. In my case, I need to distribute multiple meshes and then be able to move them all along the same spline.
I can’t believe this is not easily doable with BP …
I keep looking …

It’s pretty straightforward actually:

The original request was for a single element… :slight_smile:

If you want SMCs with deformation, you’ll need to also calculate start | end positions and start | tangents, ofc.

This will work well if the elements are shortish (shorter than the shortest spline segment) - like links in a chain. Deforming SMCs covering more than 2 spline segments will produce inaccurate results; even though you do have sampling data, there’s no way to apply it to the SMC.

An alternative suggested for the above was to either use a procedural mesh (will get complicated), or fake it. Do it all in material.

Again, it all depends on what the end results is supposed to look / feel / behave like, how much versatility and modularity is required, whether we care about performance and so on.

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Lemme clarify: it’s going to be a tangled rat’s nest of wires but it’s doable in BPs providing I understood what’s needed.