Need help with Spawning weapons and hovering.

Hello there,

I’m new to UE4 and making games/using the engine in general and i’ve watched a lot of tutorials and tried to get as much info before i had to post for help but i am stuck now and i’d need your help.

I’ve come up with this BP for my Level Blueprint, it spawns randomly one of the weapons i’ve chosen on a random Target and it has a delay and a destroyActor but what i need is to spawn a random weapon on all Targets at the same time and just refresh to a new item every 60 seconds.

While i’m at it, i’de like to ask how to make the weapons hover and rotate, i saw a tutorial about it, it’s recent but when i type on my Level BP “GetActorLocation” it won’t show and can’t follow that tutorial because of that.

Thanks you so much in advance for taking your time and helping me out!

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Hello and thank you for your reply!

I tried to do what you told me and i’m not sure if i’m applying the nodes correctly or there’s something i’m missing…

Could you look at what i did and maybe let me know?

Here’s what i did and the result.

Thanks again for helping!

Hello and thanks for your reply!

Oh man… that’s exactly what i was looking for… it has the rotating/floating effect and spawns random items.

I came up with this from this forum and youtube but seeing this i’m gonna change it.

Now let’s see if i can replicate it…

Again, thank you very much for helping out to all of you!

Hello there,

I was able to replicate almost everything of what i see on the video… but there’s still some errors which i can’t find, i spent a big chunk of my day trying to figure it out…

The weapons float i even made a widget that displays “F Interact” when i approach the collision and everything seems to work except that i cannot seem to make a base for the spawner, i’m using a Mesh from the starter content as a static mesh inside the BP_Spawner but it won’t show, i can see it on the editor, i can see it on the viewport of the BP_Spawner but as soon as i start the game it vanishes which is very strange.

Tried to change the order of the components and sometimes the spawner will stop working(not spawning weapons) also tried with a simple mesh(cube) and nothing…

I’m very lost with that one, maybe someone could shine some light on this problem?

Here you can see the base showing in the viewport of the BP and the BP of the spawner.

Thank in advance for your help!

Hello again,

Yesterday i spent the whole day with other stuff inside the project and didn’t mind the spawner that much, but tonight i’m trying to fix it and i got almost everything you said but i can’t seem to attach the weapon to his hand.

Here’s what i got so far, am i missing something? i get the error on the Spawn transform, not really sure how to go about it.

As always… thank you very much for you help!

EDIT: I figured out how to make the weapon appear on the field and don’t float around while i fire with it. The problem is i have to interact twice with the weapon in order to equip it…