need help with spawning ragdoll with fps controller

so i been trying to figure this out for a while now but i cant seem to find any tuts on how to do this correctly.

below is what i have going from the errors i get saying collision on the 3rdpersonbody is disabled i tried to enable it but dosent seem to take an i still get the error. now i have tried many different things an look at alot of the post here but still getting no where. below is a pic of my blueprint.


any help on this would be great thanks!

This is how I switch to ragdoll mode.


It depends how your character is setup though, you might need to also set physics blending to 1.

yeah ive tried something similar to this as well but no matter what i do to try to set collision to enabled i still get a warning that its not enabled

PIE:Warning: Warning Invalid Simulate Options: Body (FirstPersonCharacter_C_10.3rdpersonbody HeroTPP) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is set to No Collision

Well like I said, it depends how your character is setup (which I don’t know… so :p) but what do you mean by “something similar” though? :stuck_out_tongue: this could mean anything xD it could be just one node that you missed.

First, do not enable physics in the capsule component but in the actual skeletal mesh… and disable the capsule collision.

heres my set up since im doign multiplayer i had to have a 2nd model with my arms in my controller


this is the thirdperson mesh that im tryign to ragdoll 's physics an collision settings


an heres doing what you did an still get that my collison is not enabled


Okay that’s a bit weird… it should work… did you try it on yourself (the character you are controlling) when you are the host?
I can see why it would not work on a client (you would have to replicate these).

so it registers on server only so. now im at a loss whats best way to get it to register on client side to ?

make a custom event?

Try a custom event with multicast, then run it from the server.

yeah answered my own question used a custom event with multi cast on it an it works fine now