Need help with sorting assets

This is a really simple job. I’m in a spot where my time isn’t enough though.

I have about 300 UV mapped FBX models, really simple geometry(walls, roof meshes, wooden beams, barrels etc. All low poly). I need them assigned to textures that I already have(atlas maps).
In most cases I believe this involves adjusting their UV maps to the textures as well. It’s nothing hard, just takes time I don’t have at the moment since I’m working on unrelated some work projects outside my game project.

Just throwing it out if anyone is interested in earning some money with simple stuff.

Get back to me what you would charge for this.


I would prefer not getting death threats.

Forum user:

[22:04:23] CiberComanche: ok
[22:04:31] CiberComanche: what do you need
[22:05:48] Micke :
[22:06:21] Micke : It looks like that. Those UV maps onto that diffuse
[22:06:41] CiberComanche: what your price
[22:06:55] Micke : What would you charge for that?
[22:07:07] CiberComanche: i want 500 usd
[22:07:29] CiberComanche: i will use quixel suite ok
[22:07:31] Micke : Alright, I got a few people charging less.
[22:07:49] CiberComanche: what is your problem
[22:07:55] Micke Söderqvist: ?
[22:08:08] CiberComanche: respect my price
[22:08:21] Micke : Alright. I’m removing you. Bye bye.
[22:08:28] CiberComanche: and you will dye
[22:08:34] CiberComanche: today
[22:08:46] Micke : I’m reporting you to the Unreal admins. Good luck.
[22:08:48] CiberComanche: i pass
[22:08:52] CiberComanche: expecial
[22:08:54] CiberComanche: signal
[22:08:58] CiberComanche: for every people
[22:09:00] CiberComanche: animal
[22:09:01] CiberComanche: plant
[22:09:05] CiberComanche: atom
[22:09:08] CiberComanche: to kill you

I have challenged everything in the universe for what they have said I have challenged God himself in person if any contact is to work I never forgive

I like how he said, “You will dye”. Sunscreen is a great solution against Ciber Comanche’s haha!

He must be 10 years old, if not he really got some issues.

Hi are you still looking for help? Can you explain the problem a bit more? Your textures have not been applied to your meshes via materials? I can probably help but I’m not sure I fully understand what you need.

Email me if you’re still in need of help


  • Arjun