Need Help with some splines routes for my game!

Hi guys!..well this is the deal i created a blueprint that spawns characters at a spawn point (im new at blueprints but this one works i dont know how)i need to send this characters from spawn point to some final point…like a MOBA game that the minions walk trough a line from their base to the enemy’s base…i was thinking that maybe i can make that path with the splines but i dont know how to make that the characters moves trough that spline…maybe someone can give me a hand.

Note: if u need to post a screen of my BP i will.

Thanks all for reading.

This should help you get started. Tutorial: Blueprint Spline locked sidescroller (e.g. Klonoa / Pandemonium style game) - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks dbr ill try it out ( i read that tutorial before il read it again), but i was thinking maybe i can make this things move with another kind of…thing?..xD

i was tinking maybe an AI? but thats off my limits u_u hate being a noob

well it didint worked cause i dont know how to call the actor that is being spawned…i mean i know that the actor that is spawned is " a" (for example)cause im telling the game that Spawn “a” but i dont know how to move it…even if i made the blueprint to move " a" when it spawn it doesnt move…maybe when appears the name is not “a” and the blueprint dont work…i dont know how to explain it >_<