Need help with some location calculations

Hello, I will explain a bit as it might look weird at first. I have now ACTOR 2 wich is a simple box.
Actor 1 is shooting a line trace to see if it finds any ACTOR 2’s, and if it does, I need Actor 1 to neatly go straight towards the box as shown below, and then spawn a new actor (SpawnedActor) wich will go straight towards the original point 2. How would i be able to calculate this?
I got the box extents of the ACTOR 2 (BOX) and Impact location ofcourse, I would be able to get the root location of Actor 2 etc.

Just to clarify, instead of the RED line, I want the BLUE line and split actor 1 so i have 2 actors. And I want it to go through the box.
Is this possible? Thanks