Need help with sockets going crazy

As seen with the video above, the socket for the armour my character’s wearing translates downwards when it’s not supposed to when the character “flips”. I set no collision on the actor blueprint, still doesn’t solve it. I tried different configs for attach type, doesn’t work either.

This is the spawn blueprint for the socket:

This is the BP for how I flip the character:

Also to note: I have the attached mesh as a skeletal mesh because I needed to give it a morph target for customisation. The character mesh is also the regular ones editable in Persona and not Paper2D

Any help is much appreciated!

Help please, anyone?

Could you show us the pivot point of your attachment and the socket location (maybe on both sides)?
Do you flip the attachment aswell?
Maybe Rotating by 180° helps you out.

Suggestion: Put the flipping to the move input. Make booleans walkingLeft , walkingRight to determine when to flip and when not. Right now your scaling gets called everyframe while walking even tho you dont need to flip.

Thing is, if I rotate instead of scaling negatively, the layering of my character will go wonky ie: the legs will layer on top of the body, the shield will go to the front side, etc etc.

I’m not sure what you mean by the pivot point of the attachment, but in any case, this is where the socket location is: