Need help with simple problem.


I have created a properly functioning sliding door with a volume trigger in my level. The problem I am having is that it slides the opposite way that I want it to. It is sliding on the correct axis and all, but I want it to slide the opposite direction from what it currently is.

I.E. When looking at the door and walking into the trigger, it slides left, but I want it to slide right.

Any help?

could you sent a screenshot of your blueprint set up? so we know how you have done it :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry!


Subtract from the doors initial location instead of adding?

i think jacky`s got it, that should fix it

How would one do so? I am a blueprint newb.

Would I use a vector subtraction rather than an add one?

Yes, drag a line from Door initial location then type subtract and you’ll see it.

yeah i think that should work give it a go

That made my door go to an unknown location… Then I realized that I am really dumb and all I needed to do was make the last key value on my sliding door timeline -180 rather than 180…

Thank you two for your time.