need help with setting variables between blueprints

so im working on a save and load where i have a savegame object and gameinstance. i dont know what im doing wrong but i cant set the variable from the savegameobject. it stays at 0 even tho i set it to 100.

EDIT: i fixed it

It’s probably this:

It seems you load data, but never assign it; it should be close to this:

The Loaded Data = yours Savegamedata

im not able to get the variable from that return value tho

yeah ik it demonstrates it well. but i fixed it, later i understood what you meant so thanks for ur help man i really appreciate it

What do you mean? You’re even showing the variable in the 2nd screenshot… Can you show how you’re doing it?

After loading and casting assign the value to Savegamedata → Get Current Stamina Object float. You’ll need to cast to your type first, ofc. The loader does not know what it’s loading.

The official docs demonstrate it pretty well:

But do assign it to the variable after casting since you may want to use it later.