Need help with setting up a multiplayer design

Hi, I am new in UE4 networking and faced with some design issues… I spent three full days, but I never made it work.

I would like to get something like this very simple flow for now:

  1. Player connects to a dedicated server
  2. Server loads player data (ex. last location) from some database (or locally serialized file)
  3. Spawn a player’s pawn at the loaded location or at a predefined point if the last location is unknown

I also read a very helpful Network Compendium created by eXi but it didn’t solve all my issues.

My steps (I haven’t done anything yet regarding fetching player data, I just tried to spawn at first just in zero coordinates):

  1. Created empty project
  2. Created MyGameMode with the following properties:
  3. MyGameMode logic:
  4. MyPlayerController logic:
  5. And my launching params:

So… I get strange behavior, it feels like even though I have set up “Launch Separate Server”, it still runs as Listen Server and the instance that is the server looks like successfully spawns and possesses pawn, while for the second instance it looks like the OnPostLogin event is not fired… In fact I tried a lot of things during this time and now decided to start from scratch and this is my current localized state. I added PrintString on ClientOnPostLogin on MyPlayerController (RPC) with the PlayerIndex to debug, but this only shows up in the first window:

  1. If select New Editor Window (PIE)


  2. If I select Standalone game the behavior is changed. now the line is displayed in both windows, but it looks like the value is not replicated correctly … or it’s like one player …


I’m really desperate and disappointed, please guide me, maybe I’m missing something important…
Also sorry if anything, my English is not so good

you have the dedicated server setup with database and user login with authentication?